Multitasking - it’s one of the biggest mistake most people tend to make. People think they get more done by working on multiple tasks, simultaneously. Theoretically, that really seems impressive and that’s the primary reason, they fall in multitasking trap, but the fact is that nothing gets done.

What’s wrong with Multitasking ?

We can not multi-task (that’s how our human brain works, at conscious level), what we actually do is - task switching and that’s what sucks up your productivity. Task switching is very costly, it reduces your focus - your efficiency decreases, you make more mistakes, you need more time to do the same amount of work and the ultimate result => you’re feeling unproductive.

Side effects of multitasking

It badly affects your

  • Efficiency
  • Performance
  • Happiness

Now, you can derive a lots of negative side effects from above implications. You probably understand how dangerous multitasking is.

So, if you’re a victim of multitasking then here is what you should do : just stop this multitasking madness. I bet you will notice an enormous increase in your productivity. If you focus, you achieve more with less (work, time), and that would make you productive and happy :)

Have a nice and productive day!